We build software for automating decisions in predictive maintenance, industrial control, and finance - increasing reliablity, productivity, and benefiting the bottom line.

Industrial Asset Management

Asset failure and unplanned downtime comes with significant cost. Our software monitors asset condition and prioritises maintenance actions by analyzing real-time industrial data streams and historical records.

We have delivered annual reductions for our partners of over two million NZD while maintaining risk and service delivery standards.

We are testing high-dimensional process control systems, an area which has seen recent groundbreaking results, and has exciting implications for increasing the adaptibility and efficiency of industrial automation systems.

Other projects have included mobile and desktop data annotation applications for capturing expert knowledge for training machine learning systems.

Healthcare Resource Utilization

We work with clinicians to identify practical and effective ways to enable medical staff to deliver better care.

We have developed innovative systems for reducing time and cost in logistics and scheduling applications, as well as conducted clinical trial data anlayses and exploratory research into triaging software.

Finance and e-commerce

We have delivered on-premise and cloud-based software for search ranking, user personalisation, fraud detection, image analysis, and real-time bidding in online advertising.

Our clients include